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How does MediAngels choose its Doctors?

How does we choose our Doctors?

MediAngels is a physician run Online Hospital. We have a Medical Advisory Board that consists of Top Doctors all across the world who accredit, empanel and guide our physicians in providing the best treatment recommendations, according to the latest preferred practice protocols.

All the doctors who get empanelled on MediAngels, are chosen €˜by invitation only. At the time of empanelment, all the doctors profiles get verified by our Medical Advisory Board. If 100 doctors apply for empanelment, only 1 or 2 out of them get empanelled.

Also, the accreditations and credentials of the doctors are displayed on the website. After all, while seeking a second opinion, knowing who you are seeking it from, becomes very important.

Criteria for choosing MediAngels Doctors:

  • Physician Recruitment by INVITATION only
  • Post-Graduation & Recognized Clinical Fellowship from top institutes
  • Minimum 5 years of experience post training in the chosen specialty
  • Position of Consultant & above in top international hospitals & universities
  • Minimum Five Research Publications in peer reviewed journals

MediAngels Doctor Consultations

Patient outcomes are 30% better at
MediAngels vs. the global average.

MediAngels physicians are world-recognized, specialty leading physicians. They are:

Affiliated With Premier Research Hospitals including the Mayo Clinic, Stanford, Harvard, Apollo, Fortis and others. In fact, we have more leading specialists than Stanford and the Mayo Clinic combined, and they're the best 0.1% in the world at what they do.
by their peers. We ask the top doctors in the field a simple question: Who would you want treating your family? Only the most respected physicians are allowed to work with MediAngels patients.
Leading Researchers
who publish in high-impact journals, writing the guidelines other doctors follow. On average, their knowledge and cutting-edge treatments are10 years ahead of other doctors in the same field.
Hand Selected and Approved
by MediAngels medical staff and personally invited to participate on our panel of experts. Trained at the world'€™s leading med schools, residencies and fellowships

Specialists are compensated by MediAngels for their opinions.

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