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Eye Specialties

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Eye diseases and dysfunction pertaining to the cornea, optic nerves, optic muscles and other parts of the eye are treated under this super specialized field of medicine called eye-specialty. Both surgical and non-surgical options are prescribed by eye specialists for investigating, diagnosing, treating and managing eye conditions. Mediangels bring together the world’s best eye specialists and eye surgeons to provide a comprehensive online medical consulting platform where you can avail primary and second opinion for eye related diseases, disorders and injuries. Online consultation, phone consultations, SMS consultation and consultation via mail is possible for all eye disorders.


World’s best eye surgeons are present on the panel of Mediangels to offer comprehensive medical advice for common conditions like –

• Myopia

(short sightedness, with light refracting in front of the retina)

• Hyperopia

(long sightedness, with light refracting behind the retina)

• Astigmatism

(blurred vision due to irregular cornea)

• Keratoconus

(structural changes in the cornea causing vision interference)

• Open Angle Glaucoma

(slow damage leading to permanent vision loss)

• Closed Angle Glaucoma

(sharp vision loss, eye pain, nausea, vomiting, red eyes or halo around eyes; sudden symptoms and treatable)

• Normal Tension Glaucoma

(optic nerve damage despite normal eye pressure)

• Secondary Glaucoma

(clogged drainage angle of the eye due to pigment release from iris)

• Congenital Glaucoma

(acquired at birth with an abnormal angle or drainage system in the eye)

• Afferent visual disorders

Optic neuropathy – damage to optic nerve


Optic neuritis – inflammation of optic nerve


Brain tumour or stroke induced vision loss


Papilledema – swelling of optic disc due to increased intra-cranial pressure

• Efferent visual disorders

Anisocoria – varying pupil size


Diplopia – malfunctioning extraocular muscles leading to double vision


Ptosis (also known as lazy eye)


Hemifacial spasm – neuromuscular disease causing irregular muscle contraction

• Anophthalmia

(lack of eye due to genetic abnormalities)

• Microphthalmia

(pre-natal defect of very small eyes)

• Glaucoma

(vision loss due to damage of optic nerve)

• Tumour

(vision loss due to abnormal cell growth in ocular region)

• Amblyopia

(one normal eye and one weak eye)

• Ptosis

(inefficient muscles causing lazy eye)

• Retinopathy of prematurity

(disorganized growth or development of retina in premature babies)

• Nystagmus

(limited or reduced vision due to involuntary eye movement)

• Strabismus
• Pediatric Glaucoma
• Refractive disorders

(myopia and hyperopia)

• Retinal detachment
• Macular pucker

(harmful tissue growth on the surface of central retina)

• Vitreous Haemorrhage

(bleeding in the eye due to injury, blocked vessels, retinal tears and sub-arachnoidal bleeding)

• Retinal tears

(cloud vision due to internal bleeding of vitreous humor)

• Diabetic Retinopathy

(damaged blood vessels of eye)

• Macular holes


Corneal conditions

that require surgical correction are investigated using investigative instruments like retinoscopes or autorefractors. In addition to symptoms like blurry vision, fatigue and headaches, inspection of refractive state of the eye is done before defining the surgical and treatment plan.

Glaucoma investigations include –

Tonometry (inner eye pressure)


Ophthalmoscopy (optic nerve shape and colour)


Perimetry (complete field of vision)


Gonioscopy (angle between the iris and the cornea)


Pachymetry (thickness of cornea)

Neuro-ophthalmic conditions

are effectively investigated with tests like color test, checking of eye movement, examining ocular alignment, imaging techniques such as CT scan, ultrasound or MRI, examining visual acuity or visual field testing.

Viteroretinal investigations:

Symptoms like blurry vision, brief flashes in peripheral vision, reddish tint to vision, floaters, etc are commonly investigated in patients before surgery is opted for.


World’s best eye surgeons and eye specialists are available 24x7 on Mediangels to offer online medical consultation and second opinion for eye specialty surgery. Various ocular disorders are corrected by the following procedures –


(Laser in-situ keratomileusis procedure to correct conditions like myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism; less discomfort and swift recovery)


(Photorefractive keratectomy for correction of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism)


(combination of LASIK and PRK, recommended for thin cornea patients)

• Thermal procedures

(Conductive Keratoplasty and Laser Thermal Keratoplasty, changing cornea shape with heat to treat farsightedness)

• Laser Surgery

(argon laser surgical procedure for treating open angle glaucoma)

• Trabeculectomy

(surgical procedure to lower intra-ocular pressure)

• Canaloplasty

(microcatheter, non penetrative procedure)

• Eye Medication

(corrective procedures entailing eye drops and pills only)

• Neuro-ophthalmology procedures

are non-surgical in nature. In addition to commonly used drug therapy, Diplopia condition is also treated with eye exercises, prism correction and wearing of an eye patch. Surgery is opted for in only extreme conditions.

• Evisceration

(surgical removal of contents of eye to alleviate pain caused by endophthalmitis)

• Enucleation

(removal of eye ball most accident or tumour induced trauma; eye muscles are left behind)

• Exenteration

(maxillectomy, removing complete eyeball, muscles and fat)

• Strabismus surgery

(correcting misalignment of eyes)

• Laser surgery for retinopathy of prematurity
• Pediatric cataract surgery

(removal of proteins on natural lens of eye)

• Pediatric refractive surgery

(correction of refractive disorders like myopia and hyperopia)

• Eye exercises and eye glasses

(as per the eye muscle deficiency or refractive disorder)

• Vitrectomy

(anterior and parsplana for removing vitreous humor from the eye)

• Retinal detachment repair
• Radial optic neurotomy
• Posterior sclerotomy
• Partial lamellar sclerochoroidectomy
• Macular hole repair

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