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85% of the diseases and medical conditions can be cured by doctors without physical examination. That is why the diagnostics specialty of Mediangels offers a great platform for confused and apprehensive patients to connect with world’s best doctors and best diagnosticians to correctly identify their medical conditions. We have the best medical practitioners on our panel offering second opinion and medical consultation about several differential diagnostic procedures. Patients can connect with world’s best microbiologists, neuroradiologists, nuclear medicine experts, pathologists and radiologists for phone consultation, online consultation and consultation via mail.


Diagnosis can be done for various conditions that are caused by microbial infections, genetic defects and other physiological malfunctioning. Commonly diagnosed conditions under diagnostics specialty are –

• Viral infections

(e.g. Hepatitis C and other strains, Rota Virus, Human Papilloma Virus, etc.)

• Bacterial infections

(e.g. Typhoid, Tuberculosis, Streptococcal pharyngitis, etc.)

• Fungal infections

(e.g. Candida, Histoplasmosis, etc.)

• Parasitic infections

(e.g. Malaria, Toxoplasma gondii and Giardia lamblia, etc.)

• Brain tumours and tumours in any other part of the CNS/PNS
• Strokes and the subsequent damage caused by them
• Alzheimer’s disease
• Pick’s disease
• Ischemia disease
• Dementia and its underlying causes
• Other neuron damaging genetic and hereditary diseases
• Thyroid disorders like hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism and thyroid cancer
• Blood disorders
• Bone density decline and detection of fractures
• Bone and joint pain induced by cancer
• Abnormal functioning of heart after a heart attack and investigation of amount of blood pumped by heart
• Stomach and intestinal malfunctioning
• Lung malfunctioning and alveolar function investigation
• Brain malfunctioning and neural activity
• Detection of cancer and reaction of cancerous cells to treatment
• Detection of seizure sites and onset of Alzheimer’s disease as well as Parkinson’s disease
• Appendicitis

(inflammation of the appendix)

• Fractures

(X rays, CT scan or MRI to diagnose complicated fractures)

• Stroke

(cerebrovascular accident and blood flow disruption to brain)

• Pulmonary Embolism

(arterial blockage in lungs)

• Respiratory, dermatological, endocrine, haematological and gastric disorders
• Orthopaedic disorders, arthritis and osteoporosis
• Diabetes and influenza
• Auto-immune disorder


Best microbiologists, radiologists and pathologists in the world administer diagnostics procedure for the samples received and conduct investigations like –

Microbial culture analysis

(solid media cultures, liquid suspension culture for diagnosing parasites and cell cultures for diagnosing viruses are conducted)

• Microscopy

(cell structure and strain identification)

• Biochemical tests

(fast and accurate microbial investigation)

Neuroradiology investigations:

Causal factors and extent of disease or the damage caused by neurological diseases to brain, spine and neurons. Neuroradiologists and neurologists available on the Mediangels panel conduct comprehensive diagnostic investigations to evaluate the condition of patient and potential measures of treating the diagnosed disease in most effective manner.

Molecular examination of tissues


• Enzymatic examination
• DNA and RNA analysis

(detection of genetic disorders like Down’s syndrome and Turner’s syndrome)

• Immune system analysis

(antigen-antibody reactions)

Radiology investigations:

Radiologists employ electromagnetic radiations, X rays, radio-nuclides and various other diagnostic methods to investigate diseases. Organ or condition specific investigations are carried out for disorders of brain and central nervous system, respiratory system, vascular system, seizures and age related degenerative diseases.


Mediangels offers both online medical help and second opinion services for the treatment procedures required after various diagnostic procedures. If you are continuing a treatment with your physician to no consequence, our expert microbiologists, pathologists and radiologists offer differential diagnostics and suggest subsequent treatment options for optimum relief. Commonly offered procedures are –

• Computed Axial Tomography

(investigation of brain injury by using multi directional X-rays)

• Magnetic Resonance Imaging

(high quality 2D and 3D imaging of brain structures using radio waves and magnetic fields)

• Positron Emission Tomography

(investigating glucose metabolism and blood flow inbrain tissue using radioactive metabolically active chemicals)

• Single Photon Emission Tomography

(2D and 3D imaging of brain using radioisotopes emitting gamma rays, captured by Gamma cameras)

• Brain tumours and tumours in any other part of the CNS/PNS
• Strokes and the subsequent damage caused by them
• Alzheimer’s disease
• Pick’s disease
• Ischemia disease
• Dementia and its underlying causes
• Other neuron damaging genetic and hereditary diseases
• 2D Scintigraphy

(2D imaging by using internal radionuclides)


(Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography for 3D imaging using Gamma camera)

• Hybrid Scanning techniques

(investigation of anatomical and functional disorders without any invasive procedure)

• Anatomical Pathology

(gross, immunological, microscopic and molecular examination of organ tissues)

• Surgical Pathology

(microscopic and gross examination of surgical specimens)

• Forensic Pathology

(post mortem examination)

• Cytopathology

(cellular level infections and diseases)

• Molecular Pathology

(molecular analysis of pathogens and genetic material)

• Chemical Pathology

(biochemical analysis of blood and urine)

• Immunology

(immune system abnormalities)

• Haematology

(diseases pertaining to blood, bone marrow, thymus, spleen, nodes and lymph)

• Clinical Pathology
• Interventional Radiology (IR)
• Vascular Interventional Radiology (VIR)
• Angiography and balloon angioplasty
• Chemoembolization and Radioembolization
• Cholecystostomy
• Drain insertions and Line insertions
• Thrombolysis
• Biopsy
• Radiofrequency Ablation and Cryo-ablation
• Inferior Vena Cava (IVC) Filters
• Endovenous Laser Treatment
• Transjugular Intrahepatic Porto-Systemic Shunt (TIPS)
• Dialysis procedures and Nephrostomy
• Vertebroplasty
• Radiologically Inserted Gastrostomy (RIG)

World’s best diagnosticians are available 24x7 to provide online medical consultation and second opinion for diagnostic and treatment related queries. Best physicians and surgeons on our panel offer a comprehensive analysis of every medical condition, facilitating your choice of treatment.

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