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Dental care is one of the costliest and most recurring healthcare needs which an individual has to deal with. Mediangels dental specialty offers a comprehensive online consultation and second opinion for investigation, diagnosis, treatment and cure of several dental diseases and conditions. World’s best dentists, best orthodontists and dentistry experts are part of the Mediangels panel, providing online consultation, phone consultation and consultation via mail for diverse dental conditions.


Oral conditions and diseases are usually indicators of other disorders and medical conditions in the body. Under dentistry specialty, Mediangels experts not only offer consultation for diagnosis and treatment of oral conditions but also provide second opinion for related conditions. Commonly treated conditions under dental services include-

  • • Oral cavity, Gum diseases and Dental caries
  • • Gingivitis and Periodontitis
  • • Inflammation in tissues surrounding teeth
  • • Facial, neck and head cancers
  • • Facial deformities
  • • Impacted teeth
  • • Tumours and cysts of jaws
  • • Salivary gland diseases
  • • Mouth infections and ulcers
  • • Cranio-maxillofacial trauma
  • • Overbite, crossbite, openbite and underbite
  • • Abnormal teeth or jaw development
  • • Crooked or crowned teeth
  • • Accidental damage or fracture to teeth or jaw
  • • Tooth decay, tooth loss and misaligned tooth
  • • Interference in development of jaw
  • • Bruxism(excessive jaw clenching and teeth grinding leading to wearing of teeth; thumb sucking and teeth grinding in children too)
  • • Occlusal trauma(tenderness, pain and displacement of teeth due to unbalanced lower and upper jaws)
  • • Temporomandibular joint disorder(dysfunction of jaw muscles and joint)
  • • Edentulism(Complete or partial toothlessness)
  • • Bisphosphonate-associated osteonecrosis of jaw(bone disease of jaw requiring surgical correction)


Dental investigations depend on the type of condition and vary for ages as well as extent of damage Common investigation practices include -

Dental Caries –

Teeth surface inspection with light source, dental mirror and explorer to establish the cause of tooth yellowing, blackening and bacterial activity causing decay. Radiographs and X rays are utilized to detect extent of cavity formation.

Periodontal Pathology –

Four stages of investigation include inspection of initial, early, established and advanced lesions. Investigation is carried out on all periodontal tissues including periodontal ligament, gingiva, cementum and alveolar bone.

Maxillofacial -

Maxillofacial investigations include diagnosis of epithelial diseases as well as mesenchymal disorders of hard and soft tissues. Our maxillofacial surgeons have years of experience in identifying complicated dental conditions and establishing the need for medical treatment of dental surgery.

Orthodontics –

Several 3D imaging and 2D imaging techniques are utilized for investigating and inspecting the damage in jaws and tooth. The entire facial area, skull and underlying bone structure is inspected to understand the need of orthodontic procedures.

Pedodontics -

Conditions like teeth decay, cavities, dental caries and tooth deformities are investigated under pedodontics. World’s best pedodontists are available on the panel of Mediangels to thoroughly investigate and inspect gum diseases and abnormalities like mucoceles, pediatric periodontal diseases, short frenulae and ulcers.Fractured, displaced and knocked out tooth are also inspected for pedodontic procedures. Preventive oral care that can enable maintain oral hygiene is also recommended by the best pedodontists on Mediangels panel.

Prosthodontics -

Prosthodontists at the Mediangels panel investigate various dental conditions using modern X-ray based investigative technology. Best prosthodontists in the world are available 24x7 to provide online consultation and second opinion for various dental conditions that require early diagnosis and development of treatment plan for effective management.


Mediangels dentists offer expert advice on mainstream dental treatments like tooth removal and extraction, tooth restoration, root planing, scaling and endodontic root canal treatment. Online consultations and second opinion is available for the following dental procedures –

• Scaling and Root planing

(removal of dental plaque and calculus)

• Debridement

(plaque and calculus removal with ultrasonic instruments)

• Endodontic Therapy

(treatment of infected pulp of tooth)

• Braces

(tooth correction and alignment)

• Bonding

(repairing chipped, decayed, discoloured and fractured tooth)

• Tooth Extractions

(damaged and untreatable tooth)

• Gum surgery

(only for gingivitis and periodontitis)

• Setting of Dentures

(tooth replacement)

• Application of Sealants

(protection against microorganisms)

• Dental implant insertion surgery
• Attachment of craniofacial prostheses
• Corrective jaw surgery
• Dental alveolar surgery

(including tooth extractions, bone grafting, removal of impacted teeth or dental prostheses)

• Corrective surgery for neck and health
• Corrective surgery for temporo-mandibular disorder
• Cosmetic surgery procedures for neck and head
• Clear brackets for tooth alignment and smile improvement
• Passive self-ligating braces

(replacing the conventional twin brackets)

• Custom smile design

(3D modelling of teeth impression)

• Impact of dental injury
• Erupting teeth
• Bone diseases
• Inlays and Onlays

(filling of tooth cavity and replacement of tooth cusp)

• Veneer coating on tooth
• Amalgam dental fillings
• Aker’s clasp placement

(for retaining removable dentures)

• Artificial denture placement

(fixed and removable prosthesis)

• Placement of Palatal obturator

(removable roof in the mouth for assisting oral functions)

• Setting dental implants, crown and bridge

Get best online consultation and best medical advice on phone, online, through SMS and email for all your dental conditions. World’s best orthodontists, pedodontists, prosthodontists and best destitsts are available on the Mediangels panel to offer comprehensive medical advice for diagnosis, treatment and management of dental conditions. You can also avail expert second opinion for all sorts of dental conditions with Mediangels.

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