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Cancer Specialties

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Lifestyle changes have increased the incidence of cancer and cancer related diseases across all age groups of population. As a result cancer diagnosis, investigation, treatment and care have become an indispensable medical specialty. While there are several surgical and non-surgical options available for cancer treatment and cure, online medical consultation and second opinion is the way to go before deciding a treatment path. World’s best oncologists and onco-surgeons are present on the MediAngels panel to assess and provide comprehensive medical advice on various diagnostic, investigative and treatment procedures for cancer. All types of cancers for all genders and all age groups are covered under this specialty.

Cancer Specialty services at MediAngels

Both benign and malignant cancerous growths can happen in various parts of body and at different ages. The cancer specialty panel at MediAngels has the best oncologists, onco-surgeons and cancer specialists to address your diagnosis and treatment related queries. Online medical consultation, phone consultation, video consultation and consultation via mail is available in addition to second opinion for commonly treated cancer conditions.


Cancer in various organs and parts of body develops in a similar manner, with irregular growth of cells which inhibits the regular body function. While some types of cancers can be easily diagnosed in early ages, others may remain undetected until it is too late. Commonly diagnosed and treated conditions under Cancer specialty at MediAngels are –

  • Breast Cancer:

    Both invasive and non-invasive breast cancer is covered under this condition. Ductal cancer (that affects the cells of duct that carries milk to teats) and lobular cancer (that affects the milk producing glands) are the two most commonly seen cancer types in breasts.

  • Colorectal Cancer:

    Cancer of colon, anus, rectum and pelvis floor is known as colorectal cancer. Common conditions also include varicosities, swelling, inflammation of anal or rectal veins, unnatural tearing of anus, extreme constipation, projection of rectal walls, colic disorder of Crohn’s disease and imperforate anus (birth disorder).

  • Gastro-Intestinal Cancer:

    Commonly treated conditions are gastritis, gastric ulceration, enterocolitis, inflammatory bowels disease, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and enteritis which could develop as a consequence of gastro intestinal cancer. Appendicitis is also a commonly treated condition in addition to liver cancer.

  • Uterine, ovarian and fallopian tube cancer:

    Both malignant and benign cancerous growth in the reproductive system can have devastating impact on overall fertility. Commonly diagnosed and treated conditions under this subspecialty are ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, vaginal cancer, cervical cancer and vulvar cancer.

  • Head and Neck cancer:

    Oral cancer (on mouth, tongue or jaw), laryngeal cancer, head and neck squamous cell carcinoma, salivary gland tumors, orbital tumors, tumors of paranasal sinus and parathyroid tumors are the conditions covered under this sub specialty.

  • Blood cancer:

    Blood cancer in different components of blood such as leukemia (cancer of white blood cells), lymphoma, fast developing anemia (damaged or cancerous red blood cells), multiple myeloma, thalassemia and sickle cell disease are covered under blood cancer conditions.

  • Musculoskeletal Cancer:

    Primarily, benign bone tumors, malignant bone tumors and soft tissue sarcomas are surgically treated under this sub specialty. Other common conditions include musculoskeletal neoplasia, bone cancer, melanoma, myeloma, lymphoma, osteoarthritis, musculoskeletal infections, osteomyelitis, bone cysts, giant cell tumors,Ewing sarcoma, osteosarcoma, chondrosarcoma, osteochondroma and other cartilage tumors, Nerve sheath tumors and malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors.

  • Neurological cancer:

    Cancer of brain, cervical arteries, spinal cord and peripheral nerves is covered under this sub specialty.

  • Urologic cancer:

    Commonly treated conditions include prostate cancer, bladder cancer, kidney cancer, testicular cancer, fistulas, benign prostatic obstructions, kidney obstruction and bladder diverticula.

  • Thoracic cancer:

    Commonly diagnosed and treated conditions under this sub specialty are esophageal cancer, sarcoma, hiatal hernias, lung cancer, GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease, achalasia, pulmonary metastases, sweating disorders like hyperhidrosis, emphysema, mesothelioma, thymic carcinoma and thymoma.


Various investigative procedures are adopted under this specialty to identify the cause and stage of cancer.

  • Screening mammography, breasts MRI, ultrasound and diagnostic mammography are adopted for inspecting and diagnosing the stages as well as damage caused by Breast cancer.

  • Colonoscopy is a majorly adopted procedure by proctologists for investigating colorectal cancer.

  • In addition to physical examination and stool occult blood test; endoscopic techniques, X-rays, ultrasound, MRI and computed tomography are used to investigate gastro-intestinal and liver cancer.

  • Diagnosis and investigation of gynecological cancer is done with symptoms like vaginal bleeding or discharge, abdominal pain, pelvic pressure, bloating, etc. Hysteroscopy is also a commonly adopted procedure for inspection of uterus.

  • MRI scan, MRA scan, CAT scan, X-rays, radiations, etc. are used to investigate the state of blood and its functions in hematology.

  • For head and neck cancer investigation, biopsy procedures are accompanied by x-rays, Computed Tomography Scan, Resonance Imaging Scan and positron emission tests.

  • X-rays, bone scans, CT scans and tissue biopsy are commonly adopted investigative procedures for musculoskeletal cancers.

  • Blood tests and CT scan tests are commonly performed for conducting brain tumor and neurological cancer investigations.

  • Endoscopy, cystoscopy, biopsies and CT scan are commonly adopted investigative techniques for urological cancers.


  • Breast Cancer Surgery:

    Lumpectomy (surgical removal of cancerous cells), mastectomy (partial and segmented) are the commonly performed surgical procedures to treat breast cancer which are planned according to the stage of cancer.

  • Colorectal Cancer Surgery:

    You can seek second opinion and medical advice for colorectal surgical procedures like ambulatory hemorrhoid surgery, hemorrhoid excision, hemorrhoid banding, high resolution anoscopy, proctodynia, proctitis surgery, solitary rectal ulcer syndrome, bile duct reconstruction, laparoscopic and the open colectomy, resection of colon, resection of rectum, surgery for polyploidy disease, gastric resection, inguinal hernia surgery and bowel sparing procedures.

  • Gastro-Intestinal Cancer Surgery

    In addition to Gastro-intestinal surgical procedures and liver transplant, online second opinion can be sought for commonly administered procedures like liver biopsies, fecal occult blood tests, endoscopy, esophagectomy, liver function tests, cholangiography and hepatectomy.

  • Gynecological Cancer surgery:

    Surgical procedures in gynecological cancer include cervicectomy, hysterectomy and appendectomy.

  • Head and Neck Cancer surgery:

    Tumor removal surgeries, endocrine surgeries and reconstructive surgeries are the procedure performed for treating and managing head and neck cancer.

  • Hemato Oncology:

    Diagnosis, investigation, evaluation and treatment of different types of blood cancer is covered under this condition. Blood transfusions, bone marrow transplant, bio-therapy, both autologous and allogeneic stem cell transplant procedures are conducted under hematology. World’s best hematologists are available on MediAngels panel to offer online second opinion and online consultation.

  • Medical Oncology (Cancer medicine):

    Early stages of cancers can be treated and cured by cancer medicines and you can take online second opinion from best medical oncologists regarding cancer medicine on MediAngels.

  • Musclo-skeletal Cancer Surgery:

    Surgical micro-fracture, helical tomotherapy, and brachytherapy are commonly adopted procedures in addition to radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

  • Neuro Oncosurgery:

    Surgical procedures are conducted for treating conditions like pinched or twisted arteries of neck, carpal tunnel syndrome, removal of blood clots and tumors from brain and spinal cord.

  • Oncosurgery (Cancer surgery):

    Several advanced stages of cancers must be treated with surgical removal of cancerous cells and parts of body which are damaged or affected. World’s best oncosurgeons are available on the panel of MediAngels to offer medical consultation and online second opinion for cancer surgery.

  • Pediatric Hemato oncology:

    Leukemia, lymphoma (Hodgkin and Non-Hodgkin), hemophilia, iron-deficiency anemia, multiple myeloma and sickle cell disease are commonly diagnosed, investigated and treated under this subspecialty. Stem cell transplantation, immunotherapy, hormone therapy, radiation therapy and chemotherapy are widely adopted procedures by pediatric hemato-oncologists to treat blood cancer conditions in children.

  • Pediatric Cancer surgery:

    Pediatric onco-surgery procedures include fetal surgery, open fetal surgery, minimally invasive fetoscopic surgery, medical ultrasonography, neonatal surgery, umbilical hernia treatment and tonsillectomy, in addition to surgical removal of cancerous cells.

  • Radiation oncology (Radiotherapy):

    Ionizing radiation used to kill or control malignant cancerous cells.

  • Urologic Cancer and Robotic Surgery:

    In addition to the traditional surgical procedures for urological cancer, robotic prostatectomy surgery and robotic partial nephrectomy related medical consultation is also available on MediAngels.

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