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Adult Specialties

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At MediAngels, the world’s first Online Hospital, we have the best doctors for medical advice, for Online, Phone and Video Consultation, and for Second Medical Opinions – Now you can Consult the best doctor for your disease at . All adult specialties pertain to medical conditions diagnosed, investigated and treated in adults, in various body parts and organs. While some conditions are gender and age specific, most medical conditions are prevalent across age groups and are treated for both genders. Our adult specialities include an extensive list of diagnostic and curative services offered for adult conditions.


  • Cardiovascular diseases

  • Endocrine diseases

  • Plastic and reconstructive surgery

  • Orthopaedic diseases

  • Dermatological diseases

  • Metabolic and diabetic conditions

  • Infertility and related conditions

  • Plastic and reconstructive surgery

  • ENT conditions

  • Gastric conditions

  • Sexual diseases

  • Sleep disorders

  • Psychiatric and Psychological conditions

  • Gynaecological conditions

  • Urological conditions

  • Haematological and Vascular conditions


Best specialists in the world, best surgeons and best doctors are available on MediAngels’ panel to address queries pertaining to each adult specialty procedure and resolve concerns of both male and female patients. With our second opinion, you can take educated and informed decisions about the medical procedures to opt for and surgical or non-surgical path to select for your conditions. MediAngels online clinic offers phone consultation, online consultation via email and video consultation options for all kinds of patients.


  • Aesthetic and Cosmetic Surgery:

    This medical domain caters to improving and enhancing physical appearance of any or all body parts and removing any signs of aging. The best Aesthetic and cosmetic surgeons in the world are available through MediAngels to offer second opinion.

  • Allergy and Immunology:

    MediAngels offers diagnostic, deterrent and treatment related consultation and services for all kinds of allergies and immunological conditions. The best internists and immunologists are part of the MediAngels internal medicine panel to offer online consultation.

  • Andrology and Male infertility:

    Problems pertaining to production of sperm, sperm count, sperm quality and sperm motility are contributory to male infertility. We offer diagnostic and corrective medical help for all forms of andrological disorders through our panel of best Andrology and infertility experts.

  • Bariatric Surgery (Obesity surgery):

    Different procedures aimed at controlling consumption and absorption of food such as use of gastric band to reduce stomach size or gastric bypass are offered under this adult specialty. Ask best doctors on MediAngels panel about any concerns that you have for bariatric treatments.

  • Cardiac Surgery:

    Best cardiac surgeons in the world are available on MediAngels panel to offer second opinion regarding various surgical options and procedures including bypass surgery and stent procedures available in the market for cardiac conditions and complications pertaining to it.

  • Cardiology:

    Diagnosis and internal treatment for cardiac conditions using medications and procedures such as angiography and angioplasty, come under the purview of cardiology. World’s best cardiologists are associated with MediAngels to offer the best and most detailed second opinion for all kinds of cardiology treatments.

  • Chest Medicine (Pulmonology):

    Diseases of lungs like pneumonia, asthma, chest infections and other respiratory diseases are treated under Pulmonology treatment. With second opinion from best Pulmonologists on MediAngels panel, you can determine whether specialized secondary or tertiary care is required or respiratory conditions can be resolved with internal medicine alone.

  • Clinical Psychology:

    This branch of medicine treats mental disorders, behavioural problems and psychological illnesses. Conditions like depression, schizophrenia, bipolar personality disorder, etc. can be treated with consistent therapy and medication. MediAngels Clinical Psychologists offer online consultation, phone consultation and even video consultation for men, women and children of all ages.

  • Colorectal Surgery:

    Conditions of colon, rectum, anus and pelvis floor which may lead to inflammatory bowel disorders like Ulcerative colitis & Crohn’s Disease, cancer, and even diverticulitis should be best diagnosed and treated in their initial stage. But patients are likely to get confused with the multiple treatment options available in the market. Best surgeons on MediAngels’ panel provide expert second opinion for selecting the right colorectal corrective procedures for various conditions.

  • Dermatology and Lasers:

    Medical conditions pertaining to hair, skin and nails are treated under dermatology discipline and laser technology is the most advanced form of therapy and treatment available in this domain. Our panel has the best dermatologists in the world, offering expert second opinion in diagnosis, therapy and treatment of dermatological disorders.

  • Dietetics and Nutrition:

    With experienced dieticians and best nutritionists on our expert panel, we offer focus dietary consultation for paediatric diet, cancer therapy specific diet, renal disorders specific diet, diet specific to sports or athletic lifestyle and much more.

  • Endocrinology and Diabetology:

    Disorders such as adrenal gland deficiencies, hormone induced infertility in men, diabetes mellitus, autoimmune disorder, hyper or hypo activity of thyroid gland and Graves’ disease are diagnosed and treated under this discipline. Our Endocrinologists offer expert advice for selecting right treatment options – both surgical and internal medicine for all endocrine disorders.

  • ENT (Otorhinolarryngology):

    All sorts of infections, malfunctions, deviations and medical conditions pertaining to the three interconnected organs – ears, nose and throat are treated under this discipline. MediAngels offer diagnostic and treatment advice for men, women and children of all ages suffering from ENT disorders.

  • Facial Plastic Surgery:

    Our panel of best facial plastic surgeons specialize in all forms of modification and enhancement related procedures conducted under facial plastic surgery. As this is a cosmetic procedure, our medical advice will not only educate you about the procedure but will help you select the right surgical procedure too.

  • Gastro-intestinal surgery and Liver Transplant:

    Early diagnosis and second opinion matters a lot when surgical procedures are to be conducted on gastrointestinal tract, liver, pancreas, Oesophagus and small intestine. Our gastro-intestinal surgeons and Hepato-surgeons offer diagnostic and treatment related advice at all stages of the condition and even for recurrent cases.

  • Gastro-enterology and Hepatology:

    This is an internal medicine discipline which also includes endoscopic procedures to treat gastric and liver related disorders. Our panel of best internists offer expert second opinion at diagnostic and treatment stage.

  • General Surgery:

    This broad spectrum discipline includes surgical procedures of colon, gall bladder, stomach, oesophagus, small intestine, liver, bile ducts and pancreas. MediAngels offers expert second opinion through a panel of best General surgeons who specialize in various surgical procedures.

  • Geriatrics:

    This discipline pertains to treatment and management of medical conditions which old people suffer from. The level of complexity and unique needs that are attributed to old age can be handled by best Geriatric specialists available on the Mediangels panel.

  • Gynaecology and Obstetrics:

    MediAngels has a focused panel of Obstetricians and Gynecologists who offer expert medical opinion at pre-natal and post-natal stages. We also offer second opinion for various conditions which are specific to health of foetus, pregnancy related complications and delivery practices.

  • Head and Neck Surgery:

    In addition to ENT conditions mostly operated in children, this surgical discipline handles conditions like cancer of these regions, sinus infections and age related hearing loss for all genders and age groups. Ask best doctors on MediAngels panel for second opinion in diagnosis, treatment and care for pre-surgical and post-surgical stages.

  • Haematology:

    Medical conditions pertaining to blood and blood component production, tumorous conditions and blood cancer are researched, diagnosed and treated under this discipline. Our haematologists offer expert second opinion for various diagnostic procedures and treatment options.

  • Infectious diseases:

    Infections caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi, roundworms, pinworms, fleas, mites, etc. are likely to be fatal if left undiagnosed and untreated. MediAngels medical experts help you identify early symptoms and seek medical attention immediately for speedy recovery.

  • Infertility and In-Vitro Fertilization:

    We offer expert advice on diagnosis of causes of infertility in both men and women. Our infertility experts also offer second opinion for in-vitro fertilization procedures and medical alternatives available to cure infertility.

  • Internal Medicine:

    A broad spectrum of diseases and adult illnesses from benign to complex range are handled under this discipline. Our panel comprises of best internists in the world offering expert second opinion for medications to be taken, diagnostic procedures to opt for, symptom analysis and prevention practices.

  • Nephrology:

    Functioning of kidneys, cellular and functional disorder, need for kidney transplant or dialysis are covered under this discipline. World’s best nephrologists offer expert advice in diagnosis, treatment and management of nephrological conditions through MediAngels online consultation.

  • Neurology:

    Neurological disorders pertaining to central and peripheral nervous system, autonomous and somatic nervous system are managed under this discipline with non-surgical treatment options. Best Neurologists on MediAngels panel offer second opinion based on symptom analysis, differential diagnostics and treatment options to be opted.

  • Neurosurgery:

    Surgical procedures pertaining to brain, cervical arteries, spine and peripheral nerves are covered under this discipline. Our panel of best Neurosurgeons in the world, offer expert second opinion for this critical treatment process as any callousness in selecting the right surgical option for neurological disorders can prove to be fatal.

  • Orthopaedics:

    Both surgical and non-surgical procedures treating medical conditions pertaining to musculo-skeleton system are covered under this discipline. Specialized medical advice is also offered on Orthopaedics Hand and Upper Extremities surgery, Orthopaedics -Joint Replacement surgery, Orthopaedics - Shoulder and Elbow surgery and Orthopaedics -Sports medicine.

  • Pain Management:

    Management of chronic pain by treating the underlying trauma or pathological cause is covered under this discipline. MediAngles has a team of psychologists, medical practitioners, physiotherapists and clinical nurse specialists who offer expert advice on pain management to patients seeking second opinion.

  • Physiotherapy:

    Physiotherapy not only alleviates pain in various body parts but effectively improves mobility and quality of life. However, it is important to take this treatment and treatment advice from trained professionals and best physiotherapists, seeking second opinion whenever in doubt of its effectiveness.

  • Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery:

    This category of adult specialty includes all forms of reshaping, resizing, restructuring and reconstructive procedures that can be conducted on all parts of body, both for men and women. MediAngels has a panel of world’s best plastic surgeons offering online consultation for various surgical and reconstructive procedures.

  • Psychiatry:

    Mental disorders such as perceptual, cognitive, behavioural and affective abnormalities are treated under this discipline. Our psychiatric experts offer medical advice based on both biological and social complications created by the disease.

  • Rheumatology:

    Disorders like arthritis, joint pains, osteoporosis and autoimmune diseases are treated under this discipline. Our Rheumatologists and internists offer a wide range of treatment, cure and management related second opinion for disorders pertaining to Rheumatology.

  • Sexual Medicine:

    General counselling, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients suffering from various sexual disorders are covered under this discipline. Due to the sensitive nature of these conditions, MediAngles online consultation provides a secure and comfortable platform for patients to disclose their conditions to the best specialists on our panel.

  • Sleep Medicine:

    Disorders such as sleep apnea, sleep deprivation, snoring, sleep traumas and sleep walking are exclusively covered under this domain. MediAngels sleep specialists offer in-depth diagnosis and treatment related advice for all sleep related disorders.

  • Spine Surgery:

    Disc slip or back pain related spinal problems can leave a person permanently disabled if not diagnosed and treated at the right time. Our Spinal surgeons help patients seek surgical attention for spinal conditions at the right time and improve not just their spinal condition but their quality of life.

  • Thoracic Surgery:

    Thoracic disorders like coughing, chest pain, breath shortage, wheezing, haemoptysis and abnormal sputum production are surgically treated under this discipline. MediAngels’ thoracic surgeons offer second opinion pertaining to diagnosis, cure, management, treatment, investigation, evaluation and prevention of all thoracic disorders.

  • Uro-gynaecology:

    Conditions like urinary incontinence, bowel symptoms, pelvic discomfort and other disorders which are pertaining to the urinary and reproductive systems in females are a sensitive matter. MediAngels provide a secure platform for female patients to seek diagnostic and treatment related advice from best Uro-gynaecologists in the world.

  • Urology:

    Organs such as kidneys, adrenal glands, urinary tract, urinary bladder, ureters and urethra are commonly treated under this discipline in both men in women. In men, especially, reproductive organs like penis, prostate, seminal vesicles, testes, vas deferens and epididymis are also treated under this discipline. Conditions pertaining to these organs are often treated as delicate matters by patients and thus online second opinion from expert Urologists can make a lot of impact and motivate patients to seek specialized care.

  • Vascular Surgery:

    Disorders pertaining to the vascular system which can cause malfunctioning of arteries and veins are successfully corrected via surgical procedures. Second opinion for vascular disorders can be critical as it can help you choose the right treatment options available in the market& with some of the best Vascular surgeons available on our panel, we make online consultation very smooth for you.

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