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Net Gainers / Hindustan Times / Feb 25, 2013

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The -Savvy from the region are quitting full-time jobs or moving away from family business to start their own online ventures. Swati Goel Sharma discovers a few prime examples.

1. Doctor’s just a click away

About the venture:

This one-of-its-kind internet venture in the world has revolutionized the medical consultancy. Patients from any nook and corner of the world now have access to super specialty consultancy available at the click of a mouse. Access to foreign based super specialty doctors, a distant dream for the average patient, is within the reach through the humble e-mail. With over 350 Doctors on the board from 93 super-specialties hospitals (including the likes of Howard, Stanford and John Hopkins) across 15 countries, patients can avail medical opinions within 72 hours of uploading of medical history on the site. Payment can be made through credit cards via the net and can vary between 250 rupees to 5000 rupees. The venture has strategic partnerships with 21000 diagnostic centers in the country and 1.5 years if its launch, 7500 consumers have used the services, 5% of which are from abroad.

About the Founder:

Barnala-born Singal studied in the district till Class 10 before he completed his schooling from Chandigarh’s DAV College. Topping the state in PMT, he went on to pursue his MBBS degree from Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi, followed by Post-graduation in Surgery and Pediatric Surgery from AIIMS, Delhi and further training in USA. Sensing a dire need to cut down the distance to a doctor, this very tech savvy Pediatric Urologist, along with West Bengal – born Dr. Debraj Shome (a noted facial plastic surgeon), quit his medical practice with corporate offices and invested 2 crores to launch He is now based in Mumbai.

Why online business rock?

“A doctor’s opinion can change a person’s life,” says Singal. “And what’s better than making him or her available a clink away?” Out of office Likings

Favourite book: 1984 and Catch 22

Favourite car: Audi Q5

Favourite gadget: Galaxy Note 2

Favourite travel destination: South East Asia

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