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a second opinion because there no second chance

Need to consult a Global Medical Expert for a detailed assessment of your case including diagnosis, treatment, prescription and surgery? The MediAngels eConsult allows you to enter comprehensive details of your medical history and upload relevant medical reports, CT scans, photographs, images or any other material that may help your doctor assist you better.

The MediAngels Doctor Video Consultation service allows every patient to seek the advice of the best doctors in the world for diagnosis, evaluation and treatment. Now, you can see on video and seek advice from the best doctors in the world, whenever you desire, wherever you or the doctor may be, as if the doctor is sitting in front of you. The MediAngels Specialist Dr Video Consultation service allows the patient to consult the best doctors in the world, using video (video consultation). You can seek our service for the best medical advice when you are not sure about the recommended line of treatment or in case a surgery has been advised. We will set up a date & time according to your & doctor’s availability, which will enable you to have a video chat with the chosen specialist doctor, from the comfort of your home or office!

MediAngels Panel Specialists are amongst the top 1% specialists all across the world & are handpicked from the world’s best hospitals like, Harward University, M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, Mayo Clinics, Stanford University, Fortis Hospital, Apollo Hospitals & so on. All the doctors are chosen “by invitation” only. Our doctors belong to 93 specialties and are practicing in about 15 countries (such as the USA, the UK, Singapore, Germany, Australia, Sweden & many others), making the MediAngels doctor panel amongst the expert Dr Panels across the entire world. Our health practitioners are the ones other physicians refer patients to & seek second opinions from! Our expert doctors are the ones that are writing textbooks, which other doctors read, quote & follow! Our doctors are also the ones that are conducting research which define the advanced treatment protocols! It’s our strong belief that the best medical experts can alter your treatment & provide you with the best treatment options, thereby saving your life. MediAngels Video Consultation service is trusted by clients globally, for medical expertise, online medical consultations, medical advice, treatment tips, video consults & second medical opinions.

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Hundreds of success stories and still counting...

  • Mr. Ajeet Mehra,

    Andhra Pradesh

    I was suffering from pain & stiffness in my Left Shoulder since about 8-10 days. I went ahead to consult a Heart Specialist & an Orthopedician and was even more confused as to follow whose advice!

    An expert Medical Opinion at MediAngels solved all my queries and saved me from undergoing a Bypass Surgery. MediAngels is truly a blessing!

  • Mrs. Shamli Arora,


    We had been married since 6 years and were trying for a baby since 4 years. Eventually, we met an IVF specialist and took treatment from her; our prayers were heard and I learnt that I was pregnant.
    But, fate had something else in store! My baby was diagnosed with a Kidney condition I was even advised to have an abortion!

    Had it not been MediAngels, my baby would never have been able to step into this world!

  • Mrs. Asha Pradhan,


    I suffered from excruciating knee pains; tried all sorts of home remedies; my consulting Doctor advised me to get an Arthroscopic Repair done.

    It was MediAngels because of which I had access to the best specialists, from the comforts of my home, and I was saved from an unnecessary Arthroscopic Surgery!

  • Karanveer Singh,


    My son, Karanveer, had urinary incontinence since the past 4-5 years. He could not participate freely in regular activities of boys his age and this in turn started to affect him psychologically. Even after receiving treatment for 5 long years, my son could not lead a normal life like any other kid.

    But MediAngels came to our rescue & the expert medical advice from one of the Panel Specialists gave my son a new life and he was free from his “dribbling urine” problem!
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