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MediAngels Oration

Welcome to the MediAngels Oration program page. One of the prime goals of is to impart health awareness and health education to patients, people and society at large. As doctors, we seriously believe that having knowledge and more information about your health condition will empower you to make more informed decisions and also participate better in your care giving process.

Towards this end, has started a Public Health Awareness initiative through a series of talks called 'The MediAngels Oration' where we will bring to you an Internationally renowned doctor from the elite MediAngels panel. The chosen doctor is an expert in his domain and chosen by the MediAngels Health Assurance committee. The Oration provides the perfect platform for the general public, the physician community, students to learn from experiences of these super specialists and add to their knowledge on many diseases of public health importance. In the coming few months, we will be talking about Diabetes, heart problems, Kidney transplant, Liver transplant, Cancer, Nutrition in children, Obesity, Knee replacement, Sports injuries, Infertility, Hair and skin problems.

The MediAngels panel of physicians constitutes the most super-specialized health care panel ever assembled, consisting of as many as 300 doctors from over 85 disciplines of medicine and from over 22 countries and the MediAngels Oration will be a part of our continuous endeavor to improve the base of health care knowledge amongst the medical community and society at large and will help in the prevention, early detection and treatment of these diseases of public health interest.

MediAngels oration will be a road show and will be held in different cities across India, one such oration will be held every month. This Oration endeavors to slowly become a global movement and involve all areas of the world globally where health information and health care itself are inequitably and poorly distributed.

The recently concluded First MediAngels Oration on "Breast Cancer Awareness" was a mega success. The chief guest and speaker was Dr. P Raghuram- Dr Raghuram is a Consultant Breast Cancer Surgeon at MediAngels. He is also the Director and Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Cancer Surgeon at KIMS-USHALAKSHMI Centre for Breast Diseases. Dr Raghu Ram is one of the pioneers of Breast surgery in India & has established many benchmarks in his chosen profession.

This Oration took place at the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital (MGM) in Navi Mumbai and saw more than 150 doctors and equal number of students and general public. The media also supported us and much was written about the oration in online and offline print and Television Media.

If you are interested to attend our Oration Lectures, kindly provide us your contact details and we will inform you when an Oration in your city or a closest venue.

If you are a doctor and wish to attend the Oration and learn more about how MediAngels can benefit you and your patients get registered here.

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