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Gladstone, MD, is Associate Professor and Director of the Division of Dermatologic Surgery at Stanford University.

Hayes B. Gladstone, MD, is Associate Professor and Director of the Division of Dermatologic Surgery at Stanford University. Truly renowned for a rare combination of highest academic honors and surgical skills, Dr. Gladstone is Assistant Editor of the specialty’s journal: Dermatologic Surgery. He has over 72 total publications including 22 chapters and is co-editor of a series on cosmetic surgery. He was on the California Division of the American Cancer Society Board of Directors from 2003-2006 and is also the President elect of the Pacific Dermatology Association. Internationally, Dr. Gladstone has been invited to several countries as a featured speaker and visiting surgeon. Along with a colleague, he founded the Blade and Light Society which organizes humanitarian dermasurgical missions in developing countries.

Dr. Gladstone is also on the California Board of Directors for the American Cancer Society. He is a regular volunteer at the Arbor Clinic dedicated to the care of the homeless and destitute. Prior to medicine, Dr. Gladstone attended the Tufts University where he graduated summa cum laude on his BA degree in International Relations and summa cum laude on his honors thesis. He also attended the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and received a Masters degree in International Affairs with distinction. Outside of work, he enjoys alpine skiing, squash, tennis, writing short stories, classical guitar and photography apart from the many recreational activities and cultural events that the Bay Area offers.

Anna is a family physician from Vancouver, Canada.

Throughout her medical training, she conducted multiple medical observerships at specialty hospitals in Hyderabad and Mumbai, as well as a series of electives at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in New Delhi. Anna attended medical school at the Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada and, thereafter, completed a two-year residency in Family Medicine in Vancouver. Prior to her medical training, she completed a Master of Science in Retina Research from the department of Anatomy and Neurobiology at Dalhousie University. With a longstanding interest in making a contribution to primary care and general medical practice in India, Anna is pleased to have joined the non-profit society World Health Partners in New Delhi as Medical Officer.

MSR Ayyangar graduated as an Electrical & Electronics Engineer from the prestigious NIT (REC) - Warangal, AP, India

Fondly called ‘MSR’, MSR Ayyangar graduated as an Electrical & Electronics Engineer from the prestigious NIT (REC) - Warangal, AP, India, in 1965 -1970. During the first 20 years of his career, MSR was deeply involved with different branches of Engineering & General Management with a special emphasis on “Design” and “Systems Integration” connected with various core Engineering Industries - which also includes a deep involvement and eventful stint with GE-USA for marketing and training doctors in rural areas for using sophisticated Electromedical Equipment.

Since his early childhood,- MSR had a natural inclination towards spirituality and human health. This resulted in a profound study of Veda, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, and Naturopathy – which he continues till date. He has been advising and treating suffering people with a holistic approach both in India and abroad for over 30 years.

Leveraging upon his diverse academic background, MSR often ends up clarifying philosophical doubts to medical practitioners relating to the biological mechanisms of “Function & Structure” inter-relationships. MSR thoroughly understands the importance of Mind-Body connection in wholesome health care management. The later 20 years of MSR’s career was spent on the research and development of micronutrients and health care products. It is during his R&D efforts that a path breaking evolution called “VedaCeuticals®” was born. VedaCeuticals is a successful and unique amalgamation of ancient Ayurveda and modern Pharmaceuticals.

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