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MediAngels – Medical Second Opinions and Medical Decision Support For Insurance Companies and Corporates.

Absence of a neutral and organized decision support system: 16 out of every 100 individuals get a wrong diagnosis. Not every patient has access to the right medical expertise, when they need it most. While inaccurate diagnosis and treatment costs you money, it costs your employees and consumers their health and peace of mind.

Urban-Rural imbalance of medical expertise: Tier-two and tier-three locations hardly have access to superior medical expertise (super-specialist doctors), leading to patients flocking to the most expensive medical locations for treatment.

Increasing cost of healthcare - There is a steep rise (22-30 percent) in health insurance premium every year. This hike is a result of the growing popularity of private medical enterprises and diminishing trust in government run facilities; burdening every stakeholder in the landscape.

Higher incidence of Litigation – We have witnessed an increase in health-claim related complaints and litigation, resolution of which again, costs money and effort; an additional expense and burden on the provider.

Every wrong step the heathcare decision making costs you!
This is where MediAngels steps in.


The MediAngels Institutional Healthcare Program helps corporate companies, insurance providers and government bodies to collaborate and streamline healthcare spending and delivering cost-effective medical expertise at every user’s doorstep. As a MediAngels partner, you will empower your consumers to make well-informed medical choices, and responsibly manage their healthcare spending.

  • Provides access to best physicians in the world for online consultation and second medical opinions, and medical conditions matched with the appropriate expert, eliminating the cost of unnecessary interventions and surgeries.
  • Encourages evidence-based healthcare, treating patients by the proven preferred practice protocols, minimizing loss due to misdiagnosis, unnecessary tests, treatments or fraud
  • Creates an opportunity to ascertain healthcare return on investments, monitor quality of medical outcomes and improve consumer and patient productivity.
  • Initiates access to unbiased guidance and support during health exigencies, creating an active and engaged consumer community enabled to take well-informed decisions
  • Supports allocation of budgets and expenses based on actual clinical treatment data and clearly outlined requirements

Employers sensitize workforce and your employees on health and well-being and empower them with an effective health support plan – reducing productivity loss, sickness and absenteeism.

Insurance providers improve claims ratio, reduce renewal premium costs and average claims cost.

Government bodies improve effectiveness of healthcare expenditure, reach out to a large population across geographical locations, and provide better quality healthcare

Access a panel of over 400 qualified doctors across 93 specialties, in over 17 countries, through the MediAngels Institutional Program, and enable your employees and consumers to make educated choices. Access the best doctors for every disease and Give your people the gift of good health!

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